Rolf Keller: Hafen Hamburg – Hamburg Port (1923)


From the artistic inheritance of Rolf Keller (1898 – 1971): Hafen Hamburg (1923). Pen drawing and watercolour on paper.


Through the Eyes of my Grandfather

This post, from glast February, shows a drawing (with me as a model 🙂 ) made by my grandfather, Rolf Keller, in 1964. This is an example of the kind of art I will be posting here.

The Asifoscope

I am too tired today to write anything interesting. This was not a bad day, but an exhausting one.

When I was small,  my grandfather, Rolf Keller, who was a graphic artist, made this picture of me while I was sleeping. That day had probably been an exhausting day either, but not a bad one.


Good night to everybody!

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Organic Martensite

This post, from last April, contains examples of the kind of photographs my father used to make. I have some of them on slides and I am going to post them here soon.

The Asifoscope


These two pictures show crystals of a mix of two organic chemicals under a microscope. These pictures where made by my father, Svend Keller. I am posting them here for their aesthetic qualities. Further down in the article, I am giving a description of how they where made and what exactly it is, for the science minded among you. The second picture is the same crystals as in the first, after cooling down and undergoing some changes in their internal structure as a result.

ImageThe resulting pictures show a mix of order and disorder that results in great beauty. There are partial, but imperfect, symmetries and some degree of fractality.

I am planning to post more such pictures because I find them very beautiful. However, the other ones I have are slides and I have to have them digitized first.

The colors are a result of passing the light through…

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