Animal Studies 3 – Great Egret

4I continue the series of animal studies by Svend Keller with another bird, this time a great egret. It is a pen (blue ink) and black chalk drawing, probably made in 1947 or 1948. It was made on a piece of drawing board, the size is 27 cm x 24 cm. On the same sheet there is a small pencil sektch showing two more birds. The caption gives the German name of the bird (“Silberreiher”) and the scientific name then in use (Egretta alba alba, i.e. the European subspecies. Today the species is more commonly called Ardea alba). The birds develop the long tail feathers shown here during the breeding season.


Voices from the Past

The Asifoscope

File:Georgstraße 27.JPG

I am currently transcribing letters written by my grandparents in the 1950s and 1960s. It is an interesting experience. My grandfather was a graphic artist and there is also an artist’s estate, see, containing both commercial and non-commercial works. The letters shed some light on some of these things. They provide a glimpse into how life was in those days in the East Germany, from the unique point of view of an artist.

The letters are interesting as a piece of family history but are, in their entirety, also an interesting historical document of more general interest. I am following here in my mother’s footsteps who already transcribed hundreds of letters from other branches of the family, as well as other documents that have been preserved, and she is still doing so. By accidents of history, a large body of such material has survived in our family. It…

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