This blog is under construction. Well, every blog is, as long as posts are being made, but here I am just starting.

My father, Svend Keller, liked puns, and he made beautiful photographs. So I combined the two and started The Kellerdoscope.

My Grandfather, Rolf Keller was a graphical artist. He left an inheritance consisting mostly of drawings and sketches, as well as some examples of commercial art that are historically interesting. My father, Svend Keller, learnt the profesion of a graphic artist from him. He also left some interesting works, drawings and watercolors.

I find some of these things worth sharing. I would like to post the best parts of it bit by bit. Some are in my posession, some are with other members of the family. I want to prepare a complete catalogue of everything and publish the best things here, as well as some other drawings and paintings made by other people somehow connected to my grandfather.

Since one of my sisters is also an artist, I am going to show her works here as well.

And there is some other stuff I would like to show…

I have also decided to occasionally reblog articles of artists I find interesting, and to write about other artists from time to time. Some articles about aesthetics might also (re-)appear here.

So this is going to be a non-artists art blog. It is an offshoot of my main blog The Asifoscope that is more text-oriented.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I understand the importance of sharing works of Art by relatives. My mother was an artist who grew up in Queens, New York in the fifties. She painted oil on wood boards. So it was abstract expressionist and she would let the texture and grain of the wood show thru the work. She passed away when I was five. My family is very stoic, not speaking of her, therefore I only knew her as I grew by looking at her Art, a lot of which my family still hoards and I have never seen. When I travel to the outskirts of Chicago, I see all the factories, blown out areas, streams with abandoned vehicles thrown into them, an industrial wasteland. I thoroughly understand appreciating it from a Constructivist artform viewpoint. Reading your blog, and I see the factories, the first thing that came to my mind was the concentration camps, killing factories. My sister works as an administrator in a Germanic Studies department in a university and my Dad is a Historian. I think of the time period that your ancestors lived and suffered on a regular basis. Thank your your time and the effort of chronicling this Art!

    • Thank you for your interesting comment.
      My grandparents and father where actually living in “interesting times” and bit by bit, We have a lot of letters and documents from those times. My father was arested as a political prisoner and spend more than 6 years in prison before coming into the west. My grandparents stayed behind in the east. I have just started here.
      I think a lot of people have old letters and documents that are historically interesting and should be published or at least transfered to archives to be available for historical research. Do you still have something from your mother?

      • Unfortunately , I have nothing of my mother’s. My father, bless his soul, cannot part with any of it. He has been widowed since 1976. In was something traumatic and romantic as well. For him to have two little children, and the woman who he was happily and madly in love with gone at age 38. I have her temperament and I can safely say I feel whole now, healed perhaps, from that vacancy that was there from so long ago. My Dad saves Everything! Years and years of documents. He has traced our ancestry to the 1200’s A.D. Pretty neat!

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