Animal Studies 5 – Watercolor Bird Sketch


Another sketch of a bird by Svend Keller. This one is unsigned and undated, so I don’t know exactly when it was made, but it is probably, like the others, from 1947 or 1948 I don’t know the species here, maybe some reader knows more. Like the other sketches of this kind, a grey rough paper was used, reflecting the economic hardships of the time when quality paper was not available.

The top of the paper was used to wipe excess paint from the brush or to test the colors. This would have been cut off or covered by a passepartout.

It pays off here to click on the image to get an enlarged version since there is a lot of detail. I am even imagining one can see a refelction of the artist in the eye, but that might be my imagination.

The sketch is unfinished. When you enlarge it you will see that the outlines of the bird’s feet are there as a preparatory drawing, probably made with a pencil, but they have not been colored.