the view from tsish’s window

I am a great fan of zk43, and after this painter obviously hitched a ride with my extraterestrial friend Tsish it is time to show his work here (see also for previous rebloggs of artists I like).


connection series 011

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This is the second time I am reblogging a post of an artist I find remarkable on The Kellerdoscope. To me, the paintings of Ashley Sullivan are mesmerizing. Some are pure abstracts, some are landscapes, some are cityscapes or show industrial motives, with varying degrees of abstraction. Many of them are magic for me. I had a hard time deciding which of these paintings to choose. Just have a look yourself.

Emmit Kyle: blue painting four

Occasionally, I am going to reblog posts from artists I find remarkable. I want to start with Emitt Kyle, an artist born in the UK and living in Taiwan, who produces abstract paintings I find quite stunning.
The paintings shown on this post remind me of deep space photographs of galaxies. There is a lot of small scale structure and a little bit of large scale structure and little in between, like a sound with high frequency noise and some deep bass. In the series of paintings shown on his blog, it looks like the artist is trying to investigate the “edge of minimality”, bit by bit dissolving the large scale structures to find out how little structure you can have and still get an aesthetic effect. Besides this, these paintings have something mysterious, where structures disappear in the haze. Hard to describe, simple and complex at the same time. I like these paintings very much.